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Angel's Light

Addiction Specialists

“To recognize each person as one of uniqueness, dignity, and worth as well as one with the capacity for Recovery from Substance Use Disorder”

Our Facility

Putting People First in Treatment

At Angel's Light we treat each client truly as an individual and allow our treatment center to have a personality can not only help save treatment, but may be the only way to gain the trust of you, our guests.

If you visit any large treatment centers website you will see stock photos isolating a stereotype of drug and alcohol treatment. What's more is that a simple google search for our guests is probably one of the most discouraging doors to treatment they can find. By being genuine in our online presence and front desk operations we invite our guests to take a closer look at what we do at Angel's Light. Our website shows:

Photos and video of REAL STAFF members actually working.

Pictures of OUR FACILITY.

The WHY behind what we do, not just the scientific approaches we use.

We offer a small boutique treatment center approach that allows us to focus on each individual with high quality care. You do not get lost in the masses here at Angel's Light. We work hard to help you make big life changes and expect the same amount of hard work from our guests.

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Treatment with Angel's Light 

Angel’s Light is proud to have a staff that has over 100 years of combined recovery time and decades of clinical experience. We provide a safe environment for our guests to come as they recover from the emotional, cognitive, and social effects of their substance use disorder. This environment is one with structure providing a daily schedule with group, individual therapy, and 12-step immersion. Through our comprehensive program our guests are exposed to substance use disorder education, personal identification with their addiction, and much more.


Our program can last up to 30 days and is structured in a way to utilize the 30-day calendar. We rotate our group topics monthly and our counselors work to find new and interesting ways to provide the group materials differently each month. We offer family programming every Wednesday from 4pm – 6pm and every Saturday from 1pm – 4pm.  Family members are required to check in at the beginning of family visitation and stay for the duration, attending group with their loved one.

Treatment 101
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